You Might Be 'Sick In The Head' - Sista Afia Hits Back At Efia Odo

 Singer, Sista Afia has replied social media influencer Efia Odo over the latter's recent social media punch at her.

Sista Afia and Efia Odo have a long-standing conflict and recently revived their beef.

Efia Odo started the beef when she compared Sista Afia to legendary actress Mercy Asiedu when Base Africa TV asked for wrong descriptions to a photo of the actress.

She threw shade at Sista Afia by juxtaposing the singer's picture with Mercy Asiedu's to mean she resembles Mercy.

Efia Odo's tweet infuriated Sista Afia.

Responding to the tweet in an interview with

 Okay FM, 

the singer purported Efia Odo is sick in the head.

She also rubbished claims that she and Efia Odo might be dating the same man, that's why they're consistently on each other's throat.

"If I will fight over a guy with some girl, not Efia Odo . . . I can't fight over a man because of Efia Odo. Should there be an instance where I happen to like a guy Efia Odo is dating, then I've already used and dumped him for Efia Odo to have," she stated.

Sista Afia also added she feels honoured to resemble Mercy Asiedu.

“I felt like Efia Odo was being shady . . . to me by using somebody else which I felt it was very disrespectful because this is a big woman. This is a legend and I even feel honoured to even look like her . . . We have a problem . . . don't involve any third parties. Don't involve somebody who can even give birth to you."

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