Top 6 Kenyan Female Comedians You Never Imagined Are Beautiful (Photos)

Comedy is one of the hustles that is emerging as a top source of income to many youths in Kenya today.
For those with that talent, they are able to get something out of it, especially with the coming in of online platforms like YouTube where you just create your content, build your channel and start earning.
There are several top comedians in the country, which include the females – when they do comedy, they wear clothes that might make them look ugly – that’s how they make their ends meet, but in real life, they will make your head turn.
We take a look at some of the beautiful comedians we have today;
Nyce Wanjeri
If you had a chance to watch local drama ‘Auntie Boss’ then you might have seen this familiar face of ‘Shiro’ in her weird clothes always cracking your ribs with funny and at times stupid actions.
When on set, Shiro, whose real name is Nyce Wanjeri may not look beautiful, but of the camera, you meet her on the streets, you will appreciate her beauty.
Nasra is the first, and currently the only female comedian of the Somali origin. She usually appears on Churchill Show, arguably one of Kenya's biggest comedy TV show.
While doing her comedy, Nasra will always appear in the Somali outfit and just as glimpses of her beauty is seen while on set, she is even beautiful when not in front of the camera – that is when she wears outfits, not for comedy.
This is another top talent that rose to prominence while on Churchill show. Zeddy will always crack your ribs with her creative comedy.
While on set, I bet you can’t look at her and say she is beautiful but off the set, it is not debatable. Zeddy has since quit Churchill show.
Mamito Eunice is now a household name in the world of comedy here in Kenya. Her journey to stardom has however not been that smooth, she grew up in the slums of Kibera’s Line saba.
Mamito always jokes about her long neck and slim body, but make no mistake, she ranks very much among the beautiful female comedians we have today.
Well, you might have seen her on the famous Papa Shirandula show. She is that niece to Papa Shirandula and takes up various roles in the show but mostly she comes out as the nosy and meddlesome house-help of Wilbroda, Papa’s wife.
The way she acts will always crack your ribs, and her dressing when on the show does her beauty injustice because in real life, she is beautiful.
Awinja’s real name is Jacky Vike.
Teacher Wanjiku
Like most of the popular comedians in Kenya, Teacher Wanjiku’s career in comedy got a boost when she appeared on Churchill show.
She later quit the show and founded Mwalimu Production, a content creating company and where the character Teacher Wanjiku is improved and animated specifically for children.
Teacher Wanjiku had tried her own show comedy show on Citizen TV but it failed to pick and was scrapped off over what was cited as low production standards.
The comedian is definitely among the very beautiful females in comedy today.

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