Earnsmart Review: How to join and start earning

Earnsmart is a network marketing platform where you can earn through affiliate program, e-books and spinning. This article will explain all the information that you should know before you join Earnsmart. Not only have I analyzed how it works but also, I have given the registration procedure. Therefore, if you are interested you can join. For more information always feel free to contact me.


You join Earnsmart with Kshs 500 only (gold package). There are no renewals so you will pay once.
How you will earn:
1. Through affiliate program (Through referrals)
After you join Earnsmart you will be given an affiliate link (referral link) that you can use to refer others. You will earn up-to level 3 of your referrals. This is the major way of earning. Below is an explanation of how much you will earn in each level;


Level 1: This level you will through your direct referrals (the people who join using your referral link) and you will be paid Kshs 300 per referral to infinity.
Level 2: Whenever a person from your level 1 invites a new member, you are rewarded an indirect earning of Kshs 100 to infinity.
Level 3: Whenever a person from your level 2 invites a new member, you are rewarded an indirect earning of Kshs 50 to infinity.
In simple words,
Let’s say you refer Mary, you will earn Kshs 300
When Mary refers John, you will earn Kshs 100
When John refers James, you will earn Kshs 50
2. Spinning
There are different types of spinning;
a) New users spin where it is guaranteed for every new user to spin and win upto Kshs 1000. This is a free spin. Make sure you spin as soon as you join.
b) Spin and win every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for all members randomly from 8pm to 9pm. Currently unavailable.
c) Everyday spin, which is more of a casino where you place a bet with Kshs 20 and win upto Kshs 1000. Note that this type of spin is similar to betting, so you can win or lose. So bet responsibly.
3. Through e-books
When you join earnsmart, you’ll be given free e-books which you can sell at any price.
Is Earnsmart Agencies registered?As you will see in the photo below, Earnsmart agencies is a legit company registered by the Government of Kenya.
How to join Earnsmart?
As I said earlier, to join Earnsmart you just need Kshs 500 only. So if you’ve Kshs 500 and you are interested to join earnsmart follow the steps below:
Step One:Registration


Step Two:Activating your account
As soon you register, you’ll be directed to the page as shown in the screenshot below. Click pay now and wait for a few seconds and you’ll be prompted to enter your Mpesa pin and your account will be activated.
You’ll then be able to login and also click the new user spin which is free. In case of any challenge, feel free to WhatsApp me.
For more information, feel free to contact me,

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Here are some of the payment proofs

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