EARNSMART is Legit With Payment Proof

EARNSMART is a network marketing platform that gives you an opportunity to make money online while at home. You earn in Earnsmart through referral system,spinning,Ebooks and survey.
Joining Earnsmart is voluntary and  open to citizens of East African countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda) and Nigeria.
When you join Earnsmart you are mandated to do the following; invite your friends using the link provided to you(referral system),spin and win,complete online surveys and access downloadable Ebooks containing business oriented ideas and information.
After joining Earnsmart You earn as follows;
A.Through Referral System
Upon joining Earnsmart you are provided with a link to share with your friends to join. In referral system you are paid per account activation.You will earn up-to three levels.
Level 1: This level involves your direct referrals (the people who joined using your link) and you will be paid Kshs. 300 (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency) per referral.

Level 2: Whenever a person from your level 1 invites a new member, you are rewarded an indirect earning of Kshs. 100 (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency).

Level 3: Whenever a person from your level 2 invites a new member, you are rewarded an indirect earning of Kshs. 50 (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency) .
You earn through spinning in three different ways
In Spin&Win you place a bet of Kshs.20  (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency) as the minimum amount and win upto Kshs. 3300 (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency)
In NewuserSpin you are given an opportunity to spin once as  a new user and win upto Kshs. 500 (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency).
NB: This spin is currently unavailable
In FreeSpin you are given an opportunity to spin on every Friday early morning and win  upto Kshs. 1000 (or its equivalent in respective country’s currency).
C.Through Ebooks
Once you join Earnsmart you are given access to downloadable Ebooks for personal reading or to sell to your friends.
The information you will get after reading the downloadable Ebooks will give you ideas and information on how to start or improve on your business and make more money in your business.
D.Through Surveys
Through completing online surveys you will be able to earn.
Is Earnsmart a Scam or Legit
A.Registration Details
Registration details of a company is an important criteria in determining whether an online platform originates from a registered company. The registration details in the registration certificate can be confirmed through the office of the registrar of companies in the specific country. Earnsmart is a registered company.
This is the Registration Certificate of Earnsmart

B.Payment Proof
Payment proof is another criteria in differentiating a legit platform from a scam. Legit online platforms pay its marketing agents for promoting their services and products.
Payment proofs

How To Join Earnsmart
You join Earnsmart by creating an account,creating an account is free.
You get this

Fill all blank spaces in the registration form
The phone number you submit shall be the one to be paid when you request withdraw.
Select the respective country
Choose  GOLD package
‘Referred by username’ shall be already filled for you. Please don’t edit it unless guided to do so.
Agree on the terms and click Register
At this stage you have joined Earnsmart but you cannot earn because your account is not active.You move to the next stage
Account Activation
You activate account by paying Kshs. 500 through Automatic Mpesa pop-up payment method if in Kenya.
Citizens of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria will activate their accounts by using Chipper Cash App by depositing equivalent of Kshs 500 in their respective currencies and sending to @earnsmart. This procedure will appear automatically after registering giving you the amount to pay to activate account as per country selected while registering. After payment click on ‘I Have Paid’ button.
Note:Chipper Cash App is downloaded from Google Play Store to your smartphone or tablet.
Earnsmart is a legit platform to earn online and I would  recommend it to you. I have no concerns against Earnsmart and that is why I recommend it to you. I do not recommend scams to anybody.
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